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ACTIVIDADES1Our programme combines a multitude of sporting & fun activities which motivate   the pupils to practice English in the best possible way. Through enjoyment!

 In this way we work with the language from different perspectives according to age group and levels of each group. We achieve a high level of motivation, participation and interest as the pupils are having fun and keeping active.

 All our activities are carried out by qualified sports instructors assisted by the native English speaking monitors. The added bonus of doing this in the outdoors really keeps us away from a classroom environment.

 We follow strict European regulations and laws. We are covered by special and standard Insurance Policies.

 Each sports session would follow a rigorous theory class so that each pupils has the necessary knowledge of the activity beforehand. The only exception; the one thing that has priority over the language practice is SAFETY.


ACTIVIDADES 2These activities include:

     1.    SPORTS   Without a doubt, the absolute favourites.

WATER SPORTS: Kayak, Pedalo, Snorkeling, Boat Ride, Pedalo, Body Boards

 ADVENTURE SPORTS: Zip Wire, Climbing Wall, Archery, Aiming range (air rifle) High Ropes, Obstacles, horse/ donkey riding …

 2. RECREATIONAL SPORTS: Based on team work & fun.

Problem solving games, Raft building, Orienteering, Beach Olympics, Pool games,   …


 These are English language projects. The pupils work either individually or in groups depending on the activity.

There is no comparison with ‘classroom English’. We work with role plays, theatre, dances, songs … all subjects which hold the pupils attention. This is stimulating at the same time as being enjoyable. Movement, theory, explanations, following given instructions …

Song & Dance: They learn our own choreographies to the most popular songs of the moment. Lyrics to the songs they like. Special dances which the monitors carry out in the show. The are so intent on learning these that they absorbe with English without realising it.

 Sketches & Role Plays:  They learn short plays representing everyday situations, generally with an aspect of comedy but always with a strong moral message. The dialogue is in accordance with their ages and levels.


 Projects: These are themes which might be carried it in one session of three hours with breaks for games or could be spread over the whole week in shorter sessions. All this depends on the age group.

 4.    DISCO

 Each evening from 09.30 p.m. to  11.30 p.m. A team of monitor/animators will be present to keep the fun and the English flowing. One night each week the monitors show puts into practice the dances and songs learned during the week among other surprises.








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